Wife Gets Forced!

My wife, Daylene, is 51 years old, 5'5" and about 160 lbs. She has short brown hair and absolutely hates sex. She complains it hurts and has since she gave birth to our child. She will perform begrudgingly from time to time, but I always have to hurry up and finish. I've had a fantasy of forcing her since we were married, and I finally acted on it one night. She had taken her sleeping pills and is really hard to awake after they take effect. So, on this particular evening I decided to take advantage of that deep sleep.

The first thing I did was gently cuff her hands and secure them to the bed post. I ever so slowly slide her diagonally on the bed and spread her legs, tying each with some rope I had purchased. She sleeps on her stomach, so she was now spread out on the bed with her ass in the air. I was so worried I would wake her up, but I had a raging hard on and I had already gone this far.

Gently climbing on the bed, I started stroking her thighs. If she were going to wake up, it would be now. I slowly let me hands run over her ass and across her cunt. Sliding three fingers into her cunt I slowly fingered her until she was nice and wet. I could see her juices dripping from her snatch and I knew it was now or never. I mounted her like the bitch she is and slide my cock into her cunt. I was trying not to put too much weight onto her, and I needed to let her adjust to my cock being in her. I slowly started thrusting into her and was having a good time. She was moaning slightly but I couldn't tell if it was pleasure or pain. I started thrusting a little harder and then it happened. She lifted her head and in a bewildered voice asked what the hell I was doing. I just kept going. She started thrashing around and it was difficult to ride her, but it felt so nice. She was looking back towards me and yelling so I pinched her nose and stuffed my dirty underwear into her mouth. I then threw a blanket over her head, so I didn't have to look at her. She was really pissed now. I started telling her what an ugly cunt she was and called her a fat hog several times. I mentioned how loose her cut was and how she needed to trim the damn forest between her legs. She has cunt hair that is several inches long and it really holds her scent. She only showers every three or four days so her snatch can really get to stinking like it was tonight.

I fucked her cunt for about 30 minutes and finally blew my load deep into her. She normally makes me pull out and cum on her stomach because she hates to have to clean it up. I sat back to catch my breath and gather my thoughts because I was really feeling guilty about this now. She was still trying to yell at me, but the stinky underwear was doing their job and she wasn't very loud. Plus, with the blanket over her head, I could barely hear her, and I couldn't see her eyes that I knew would make me feel even guiltier.

I didn't know what to do but there was still so much I wanted to try, and I was sure this would be my last chance. I grabbed one of the dildos I had purchased for her that she had never used and rubbed it around her puckered little asshole. I never thought about using any lube as I put my weight into it and slowly forced the head past her sphincter. This particular dildo was about 8 inches long and a couple of inches in diameter. I kept sliding it into her as she thrashed on the bed. I started stroking it in and out, fucking her ass for a few minutes. Somehow, she had got the underwear out of her mouth and was now demanding that I stop and yelling that I was hurting her. I really didn't care so I shoved the dildo in her ass right up to the end. She was really jerking around so I thought a little about it and then forced the last inch or so past her asshole and deep withing her ass she screamed as her ass swallowed the dildo. I sat back and admired my work.

I untied one of her legs and flipped her over on her back. She glared at me and yelled at what a dick I was being, but it was softer now, like she had come to terms with her fate. I secured the loose leg while trying to avoid being kicked. To decimate her dignity a little more I told her how I was planning on fucking her the rest of the night and told her what an ugly fat pig she was. Then I threw the blanket back over her ugly face. She is actually very pretty but I wanted to belittle her as much as I could for once. I got up and took a couple of Viagra and waited patiently for it to take effect. It usually takes a good 45 minutes to hit me, so I grabbed her other dildo and shoved it up her snatch in one stroke and started ramming her cunt with it. She bellowed in pain and tried to get away, but I knew she was tied securely, and she wasn't going anywhere. I guess I should have taped her mouth shut but it never occurred to me and I just ignored the yelling. For just over 30 minutes I jammed her pussy with the dildo, this one just slightly shorter that the one buried in her ass, but it was much thicker and was stretching her fat cunt to its limits.

I finally got hard again, and I knew I would be for a few hours, so I again mounted the hog and rammed my cock in. I couldn't believe how tight she felt with the big dildo shoved completely into her ass. This was pretty nice! After an hour of pounding her cunt I was able to cum again. This time I scooped up a finger full, lifted the blanket and smeared it over her face. She was shocked to say the least. I knew I had more fucking to do but the guilt was getting to me. I laid next to her and pinched her nipples as hard as I could to make her scream again even louder. I then started telling her all the things I always wanted to say and reinforcing how ugly I thought she was. I could hear her crying and I knew it was time to let her go. My stupid guilt had got the best of me, but boy had I had a blast. I released her and she just laid there and cried. I decided to go downstairs and have a drink and reminisce about what I had done to the bitch. I told her to lay still, and I tried to retrieve the dildo from her ass. I could feel the end, but I couldn't get ahold of it to pull it out. Even with her pushing hard, it didn't want to come out. I finally left her lying on the bed with the dildo still buried in her ass. I figured she could figure a way to get it out!













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